Hi! My name is Leah Holm and I am a Gen Z Scandinavian content creator based in Oslo. I have a bachelors degree in Media Science and specialize in social media marketing. After years of doing engagements through an agency, I am now working freelance.


I offer UGC, Ads management, social media management, photography, video and audio production and campaign development.

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User generated content is videos, pictures or texts produced and tailored to your brand´s platforms.

UGC is a great way to boost engagement and gain trust from your audience. With a bachelors in media science, I have studied the psycology of opinion-leaders and online marketing. I create content that feel authentic to your brand and gain reach organicly or though ads.

Facebook & TikTok Ads Manager

Ads can help your brand gain more visability beyond the organic reach on your platforms. This is a great way to lauch a new page, a campaign or a product roll out.

"Don´t make ads. Make TikToks."

My focus when making ads is to make it look and feel like as organic to the platform as possible. The goal is to make the viewer feel as if they are not watching an ad, but with a clear call to action at the end of the video, resulting in a high convertion rate.

UGC Examples

Evergreen content

Your social media strategy should consist of both trends and other pieces of content. Implementing different formats uptimalizes your branding and appeal to your target audiences:

Unboxing ASMR

Product information

Packing ASMR

Tutorial (voiceover)




A great way to gain reach is to use trending sounds or participate in viral trends. I come up with creative ways of implementing your brand or products in these trends:

Food (voiceover)



Product Photography

I enjoy experimenting with different film cameras. The outcome is cool, vintage looking images that captures the products in an authentic way.


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